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Getting the basics right!

Not considering certain regulatory aspects, or delaying the process of protecting your IP may ruin your opportunities to succeed. In this market specifically, learning by doing is not the right approach to develop your solution. Thinking about how you are going to face potential funding rounds from the start will require you to consider ALL the aspects we cover in this program.

5 modules to get your start-up ready

This program has been designed with disruptive biotech and medtech start-ups in mind. The team of mentors is acquinted with this kind of start-up, and what are the main barriers to success. The program has been designed with all this experience in mind.

If your start-up is selected to participate in the program receive expert assistance with your scale-up phase, the AcexHealth team will evaluate these 8 aspects and will come up with a tailored program with a subset of modules most appropriate to your current situation.



01. Market analysis, Competitive Positioning & Proof of Concept results

Identify the source of the opportunity (clear and broadly acknowledged unmet medical need). Develop a differentiated Value Proposition. Define the indication and claims and market opportunity size. Validate your hypothesis. Evaluate your study results to date and the level to which the results are supportive as proof-of-concept data for the value proposition, indication for use and market claims you previously developed.

02. Intellectual Property

Clarify your IP position and strategy for protecting the technology for the indication you are pursuing.

03. Regulatory Strategy & Development Plan

Clarify your regulatory requirements and strategy based  on the indication and desired claims and commercial considerations. Convert uncertainties into strategies, tasks and milestones! Develop the overall plan and timeline for the development of your product or service.

04. Internal & External Team

Profile the short term human resource needs and how you will fill the critical roles (Internal or external resources).

05. Business and financial plan, Funding and Pitching

Develop business and revenue models appropriate for your product and the target customer. Prepare financial projections and cash requirements and identify sources that will be pursued, private and/or public. Develop a Concise, Powerful Pitch & Financials for raising capital or soliciting grants. Present information in a simple, understandable form for an investor or grant evaluator.